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Using Your Storage Unit Properly

Getting a storage unit is a great way to clear out the clutter in your home. Whether you need your storage room temporarily or for the long term, it makes sense to make the most of it. Before you look for extra storage in Fishers, IN, you should go through your things. You might not want to keep it all. Next, you need to pack your things properly in order to optimize the space in your storage room. 

Sort through Your Stuff

While renting a storage unit is not very expensive, it doesn’t make sense to store things that you’re never going to use again. Before you put anything in storage, you should consider the item carefully. Have you used it recently, and will you use it again? Are you keeping it for sentimental reasons?

The stuff that you don’t want to keep can be divided into three piles: sell, donate, and throw away. Some things might not be worth selling, but if you have a lot of small things, a yard sale can help a lot. A lot of items aren’t worth much, and if nobody wants them at the yard sale, you should consider donating the leftovers. Finally, broken items or things that can’t be reused need to just be thrown away. 

Packing Your Things

There is actually an art to packing things right. Heavy things need to go in first with the lighter things on top. You should still be able to lift the box when you’re done, unless the box is very large. If you pack too heavy, then the box might break while you’re moving it. Obviously, that’s not what you want.

Before you start packing, you might want to stock up on supplies. In addition to boxes, you’ll need tape, bubble wrap, and markers. Instead of bubble wrap, you can use newspapers or linens to wrap up the things that are breakable. Markers are needed in order to label the boxes. You will be thankful later to know what’s in them without having to open them up first. 

Optimize Your Storage Room

How you should organize your storage room depends on how you want to use it. If you don’t plan on getting to your stuff until you’re ready to empty the entire storage unit, then your first priority is to preserve space. You need to put boxes on top of each other. You can also stack them on top of your furniture, but not on your couch.

If you need to access your storage in Fishers, IN, periodically, then you might want to rent a bigger unit. This allows you to stack the boxes in a way that allows you to get to them. Ideally, you will either write the contents of each box on all sides, or you will stack the box in a way that allows you to read the writing. 

Kitchen Storage Tips and Ideas

The kitchen, in many ways, is the hub of the home. It’s usually a fairly central location where everyone can come together and eat and socialize. Since the kitchen is used for so many purposes, it may have many items and supplies to store. If space is limited, it can be difficult to keep everything neat and orderly. This can make life frustrating when you want to whip something up quickly without hunting for a spatula or that pan you want. However, just because space is small and items are plenty does not mean your kitchen has to be chaotic. Follow these tips from U-STOR & CAR-GO Self Storage for optimal organization.


Many residents are tempted to simply throw their kitchen supplies in the cabinets and leave it at that. Yet that just leads to an avalanche when you open up the doors. So learn how to organize the contents of your cabinetry. Tension rods can really come in handy for this purpose. Insert a few rods into a shelf in your cabinet so you can divide your cooking sheets and cutting boards. Spice racks and other wooden racks can also be nailed into cabinet interior doors to hold these items. Several hooks installed on the inside of doors can be really useful as well. This is where you can put your measuring cups and spoons; include a measuring chart for an extra feature. You can also hang ladles and spoons from these hooks. If you’re not sure what to do with your food storage, invest in closet racks that can be screwed in so they slant up in the back. As for your actual spices, store them in small metal jars and keep them on a magnetic board that goes on the inside of your cabinet door.


You can really maximize your storage space when you utilize your walls. Like the spice storage idea, you can use a magnetic strip hung on the wall to hold your knives. If you need a place to keep your pots and pans, install a pegboard to the wall. You can hang your items from the nails in the board. If you have one too many paper towel rods, you can save under the sink space by placing your trash bags on the holder. Note that not all your storage items have to be originally meant for the kitchen. Hang a metal wire shower caddy from the wall to keep your produce and other items. 


Most kitchens feature a pantry, another area where you can really take advantage of storage. Invest in stackable containers with lids and label them to keep your items together. Varying sizes of jars, baskets, and other storage containers can really be useful as well. If shelf space is limited, follow the tips from the paragraph on hanging items from your walls. Note that sink caddies can work really well in the kitchen, according to U-STOR & CAR-GO Self Storage.


Wasp Exterminator and Getting Rid of Wasps

During the heat of summer, wasps can become a major deterrent to enjoying outdoor weather. Wasps tend to build their nests and congregate on roofs, on the side of houses, and even in wooden playground equipment. If you are at your wit’s end when it comes to your wasp problem, this article may be able to help, as it outlines some tips for getting rid of wasps and for deterring them altogether. If you have tried all of these tips and are still having wasp problems, it is time to call in an Orange county wasp exterminator to make sure your children are safe when playing outside.

Tips for Getting Rid of Wasps

Wasps can get annoying, and many people (including children) are afraid of them. While they don’t tend to sting as often as bees, wasps are still a danger, especially to those that are allergic to wasps and bee stings. In order to protect your home and family, it is a good idea to do everything possible to deter and prevent wasps from building nests around your dwelling. The following list may be able to help you, as it outlines a few tips for getting rid of wasps and for deterring them altogether.

  • Create a trap: If you get desperate, you can try trapping your wasps. There are various methods to doing so, one of which is to take a bottle or jar, punch a small hole in the top that allows wasps to fly in but will take them some time to fly out. Fill the bottom of the jar with something sweet and sticky, such as jam. Ideally, the wasps will fly in, become stuck in the jam, and have no way to fly out. This is a good way to catch wasps that may find their way into your home as well, although it will be unpleasant having a jar full of angry, buzzing wasps near or inside your home.
  • Keep your garbage sealed: Like many pests, wasps are attracted to leftover food, especially sweet stuff such as candy and soda. Keep your garbage can tightly sealed so that wasps cannot smell what is inside, and do not leave candy or soda pop outside for the wasps to find.
  • Get rid of the nest: Wasps tend to congregate around your home once they have built a nest. Taking proper safety precautions, knock down any nests you find.
  • Spray soapy water on the wasps: Bugs do not do well with soapy water, as the soap seems to break down their exoskeletons. Create a spray using a high-powered washer with a mixture of water and soap. Spray the contents on any wasp nests you can reach. It is best to do this in the early evening, as the wasps come home when it gets cooler. While most wasps are not very aggressive, it is best to wear protective clothing and to move away from the wasp nest once it has fallen. Any surviving wasps will vacate the nest permanently once it has fallen to the ground.
  • Call in a professional: If you have tried all of the above tips with no success, you may simply be a victim of your environment. In some cases and environments, wasps are very persistent and hard to get rid of. This is especially true if you live in an area where none of your neighbors do much to control or deter wasps on their own property. Neighborhoods in which all homeowners hire an Orange county wasp exterminator to eliminate the pest problem are the most likely to see good results.

Getting Great Trash Pickup and Other Services

When you are hosting a big event, the last thing you want to worry about is what to do with all the trash. This is something that is best taken care of before the event happens so you aren’t left with a bunch of trash in the end without a way to get rid of it quickly. A great idea when you are hosting any type of large event that will produce a lot of trash is to get Cincinnati trash pickup services. There are companies around that you can arrange to bring you a large trash container to the site you need it that you can just dump all of your trash into as the event goes on, and that they will then come and pick up for you and dispose of any trash that is in there. It is convenient and easy to use and worth it.

Getting the Services Needed

The hardest part of getting these services is finding a company who will do what you need them to do. You will want to find a trash disposal company that is willing to help you out and that provides the services that you need most. You don’t want to find one that will make you use them continually or for a certain amount of time, but that provides regular and one-time services for customers. Then you will want to arrange for what you need and get it all arranged beforehand so that you aren’t worrying about such a mundane thing for your huge event. And if possible, it is a great idea to find a company that provides any other services you might need for your event, such as portable restrooms.

Portable Restrooms

When you are hosting any type of event where there will be a lot of people, another thing to worry about is if you have enough restrooms for the amount of people you are having at the event, and how much it will cost to provide restrooms for all of those people. It might sound super tacky to have portable restrooms for an event other than a rodeo, but they have restrooms that can be brought on site that are suitable for black-tie events. These restrooms are easy to have brought in and hauled away and cut down on water costs from the constant flushing of toilets. Plus, they allow for more people to use them simultaneously, which cuts down on waiting times, which anyone can appreciate. Some Cincinnati trash pickup companies provide these services in addition to their trash services, and so, if you can get two things done with one company, do it. It cuts down on time arranging for separate companies to provide services for your event, which cuts down on stress for you.

Finding the Right Storage Company and Services for Your Needs

Sometimes it makes sense to put some or all of your belongings in storage. Whether you are in the process of relocating, downsizing, splitting ways with a partner, or temporarily leaving the country, finding the right storage company and services in Newark, NJ, is not difficult. In order to make sure that you’re happy with your storage unit, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

Rent the Right Size

First of all, you should rent the right size storage unit. You don’t need to rent a huge unit in order to store a couple of boxes. However, if you want to store your couch, you need to make sure it will fit beforehand. Generally, it’s worse to rent a unit that’s too small for your needs than one that’s too big. This is because it’s very annoying to move everything into storage and figure out halfway through that you’re running out of space. At that point, you have two options: either you rent an additional smaller unit, or you rent a big unit instead. 

Moving In

Moving your stuff into the storage unit shouldn’t be too difficult. To make it really easy, you can sometimes rent everything you need to move directly from your storage unit. This means, you won’t have to drive anywhere else to return a moving truck. You can even get other supplies, such as boxes and packing tape if you need them. Before your move, it’s important to consider the items you are moving. For example, you may want to rent a dolly and some furniture covers for your move. 

Read Your Contract

Whether you are renting a unit for a few months or for several years, you need to read your contract. That includes the fine print as well. Most storage units are rented on a month-to-month basis. But even if you’re not locked into paying for a certain number of months, you may still have to give notice. If you don’t give notice ahead of time, you might be paying for an extra month that you’re not using. 

Moving Out

Once you no longer need your storage unit, you need to make sure to empty it completely. You may also be required to sweep it out, just like you would sweep out a moving truck. If you don’t make sure that it’s presentable, you might be required to pay a cleaning fee. Most likely, you can find information about turning over your storage unit in your contract. 

How to Save Money

It’s not difficult to find the right storage company and services in Newark, NJ, for your storage and moving needs. There are a lot of storage places available in every city. But not all of them will allow you to save money. In order to spend the least on storage, you need to rent the right size for your stuff. Additionally, many storage units let you use their dollies for moving your stuff in and out. Finally, don’t keep things in storage any longer than necessary. Once you have room for your items at your house, you should get them out of storage.

Four Tips for Cleaning out Clutter

Excessive clutter can make you feel overwhelmed and frustrated with your home. This is the exact opposite of what you want to achieve. Your home should be designed to make you feel comfortable, and should be a place where you can escape the chaos of the rest of the world. For many people, however, that dream can seem impossible to attain. But cleaning out your home doesn’t have to be a monumental task. Tackling it a little at a time and using tricks like self storage in Columbus, Ohio, can help make your dream a reality.


Pace Yourself


If you’re like most people, you don’t have a few weeks to devote to renovating your house. That’s okay—the work doesn’t have to be done all at once. Dedicate yourself to cleaning out one room a week, or one a month, a little bit at a time. This doesn’t mean you should feel free to procrastinate. Try to schedule certain times where you can work on cleaning out your room and don’t have to feel guilty that you’re putting off other responsibilities. Ask the rest of your family to pitch in whenever they have some free time in their schedules, too. Come up with a plan together of how you’re going to proceed so everyone can be happy with the results.


Make Decisions


Much of the clutter around your house is due to decisions that you’ve been putting off. For instance, papers get piled up on your desk because you promise to get around to them later. The same thing happens all over the house, except it builds up too fast and you never end up getting around to any of it. When you’re cleaning the clutter out of your home, it’s time to make those decisions you’ve been putting off. This may mean deciding to throw away those old belongings that you’ve been holding onto for sentimental value, but have only been taking up space in your attic. Or you may find boxes that were never opened after you moved into the house. Now you can take the time to unpack them and finally find places for everything.


Earn Some Profit


Sometimes money can spur people to clean out their homes when nothing else will. Hold a garage sale and see what you can manage to sell. Sometimes it may give you that incentive to get rid of something you’d otherwise hold onto. Garage sales are a good way to clear a lot of junk out of your house fast, and make a little pocket change on the side. They can also give you a second wind to tackle the clutter in the rest of your house. Nothing motivates people like success, and once you finally clear out a room or two, you’ll see how much more enjoyable your home can be. After that, you’ll be more eager than ever to continue your work.


Find Creative Storage Space


No matter how much you manage to organize or throw away, there are some cases where it really is impossible to make everything fit neatly into your home. Many people already use their garages, sheds, basements, attics, and every other inch of space they can find. Maximize this potential by organizing these spaces efficiently. There are plenty of storage units that can hang from ceilings, walls, and doors to make it easier to store more belongings with less mess. You can also look outside your property for additional storage space. Many people use self storage in Columbus, Ohio, to store unused furniture and other belongings that would otherwise take up too much room in their homes.

Planning a Timeline for Hiring a Moving Company

It doesn’t matter where you’re moving to. Whether it’s across the street or across the country, moving is still a hassle. It’s a lengthy process that could take months. There are so many considerations to keep in mind. Yet if you know the optimal time for hiring a moving company in Indianapolis, you can save yourself time, money, and frustration. Creating a timeline for moving will also help things go more smoothly. For knowing these tips to a successful move, read on.

Best Times

Keep in mind when moving companies are the most booked. June through September are the busiest months. This may be because families want to relocate while their kids are out of school and they can start the beginning of a new school year in another place. Winter and summer holidays are very popular times to move as well. To avoid fighting for a time slot and dealing with possibly higher rates, you may want to consider moving in the late fall or spring. Plus, the weather will be nicer during these times of the year. The time of the month makes a difference as well. Many families and individuals schedule moves at the very beginning and end of the month. This is because they’re ending and starting a lease. It may be better for you to move in the middle of the month. Ask your landlord if you can be eligible for prorated rent when you’re moving.


Keeping these tips in mind, schedule a timeline for your move. It’s advised that you start making arrangements 2 months prior to the big day. Start thinking about which moving company you would like to hire. Ask prospective companies to come over and give you an estimate. You can make your decision 6 weeks or at least a month before the moving date. In the meantime, start sorting through your items. Consider what you want to take with you and what you’ll have to discard. Remember that some items may have to be insured or require extra care. Keep yourself organized by establishing a binder that details your home inventory as well as estimates and receipts regarding the cost of the move.

When it’s 6 weeks before the move, order supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap, sharpies, and so on. Go through perishable items such as food and cleaners so you won’t have to throw them away right before the move. When you’ve reached the 1-month mark, get packing. Start with the possessions you don’t use as much such as the volleyball set. Put these items in clearly labeled boxes so you’ll remember where you put them. At 2 weeks prior to the move, get in touch with the moving company in Indianapolis to confirm the moving date and services that will be provided. A week before the move, you should pack the family suitcases. When you have just a few days left before the move, defrost the freezer, call up the moving company with questions and concerns, and estimate the payment you’ll give the company. When the big moving day rolls around, confirm that the truck that shows up is the moving organization you hired. Point movers in the right direction and take inventory.

From Frameless Shower Doors to Transparent Stair Railings

Glass used as a way to open up space while still creating barriers makes perfect sense in residential and commercial settings. Windows are just one way to put glass in your home, but there are plenty of other ways this versatile material can enhance your décor while remaining eminently functional. Here are some ideas for using glass, from frameless shower doors in Long Beach to stair and balcony railings.


Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures


Even a pint-sized bathroom looks bigger with glass. Transparent and frameless glass shower doors and enclosures allow the eye to see all the available space, which gives you a greater sense of openness. Chopping up a small bathroom with opaque doors or shower curtains causes the walls to close in on you just a bit more. But glass provides the necessary barrier while also remaining pristinely transparent.


Keeping the glass very clean is important here, but it’s not hard to do if you get in the habit of it. Keep a squeegee in the shower enclosure (the kind used to clean windshields) and use it to remove water droplets from the glass after every shower. Once a week or so, spray the glass with a solution of 2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol mixed with equal parts distilled water and vinegar, and wipe it down with a lint-free cloth or piece of crumpled up newspaper. If you have kept up on the squeegee work during the month, any leftover water spots or streaks will easily wash away, leaving you with a streak-free, transparent surface once again.

Glass Walls and Roofs


Windows provide light and a view, but what about an entire wall of glass? Sunrooms, greenhouses, and some modern architecture styles all incorporate a large amount of glass in their structures. The glass serves different purposes in each of these applications, and you will find that there are different types of glass to choose from depending on what heat and UV reflective qualities you want. Glass walls are perfect for when the view outside your home is too good to miss or if you can’t bear to block out any part of it by using conventional windows.


Glass roofs accomplish much the same things as glass walls, allowing light to flood the room below. In a bedroom setting, a glass roof visibly removes the barrier between inside and outside, and you can star gaze until you fall asleep.


Glass Stair and Balcony Railings


When you want the architecture or view to shine through, glass is the perfect remedy for stairs and balconies. Thick but transparent glass panels are perfect for preventing friends and family of all ages from taking a tumble while keeping the view open and unobstructed and allowing light to flow through. What’s even better is that they work both indoors and out. Use the same cleaning solution mentioned above to keep the glass sparkling and to remove fingerprints.


Dividing Walls and Panels


Glass works very well when built into interior dividing walls or panels. Use it for its transparency, but also incorporate colors that shine when illuminated from behind. Stained glass, old-style glass, frosted glass, and colored glass are all options when it comes to creating partitions and panels. Glowing panels rich with color can be a crowning highlight of interior or exterior rooms.


If you are building new construction or trying to incorporate more glass into your rooms and home, check out the visual appeal of frameless shower doors in Long Beach, invisible balcony railings for unobstructed views of the ocean, or light enhancing panels and dividing walls. There are so many applications for glass these days that you owe it to yourself to find and incorporate as many as your budget allows.

What Home Healthcare Services Can Do for You

Illness and injuries happen, and when you couple this with the rigors of old age, things can start to get a little dicey. If you are in need of help for caring for someone heading into these golden years, then one of the best options out there is Richmond home health care. This is something that will allow you to be near your loved one and involved in their care and will help you to best meet the needs that they are facing. This kind of detailed care is hard to find in other institutions, so this is a great option to look into.

Keeps the Family Together

Sending someone to a care home can be the right decision in some situations, but if you have the desire to keep your family together for as long as possible, then home health care is a wonderful way to do just that. Those facilities are out there for a reason, but they can be a stark contrast and a poor substitution for the love and comfort found in the home. If is it possible, most people like to keep their loved ones close to them.

Gets You Involved in the Care

The more you learn about offering the care needed by your loved one, the better off everyone will be. This is the kind of skill that you will never regret having and working on. You will be able to keep your loved one comfortable and will be gaining some great skills that will allow you to help not just that one person, but everyone in your family. If you want to be involved in the care of your aging and disabled loved ones, then learning from the people who you hire to come to your home and care for them is a wonderful way to do just that.

Provides Them the Treatments They Need

Love is very powerful, but it can’t prescribe the right medication or clear a blockage in the lungs. That is something you can get from Richmond home health care. This kind of service will ensure that your loved one gets the care that they need while still being near you and receiving your love and patience. For people wanting to keep their loved one in the home while still meeting all their needs, this is really the very best option out there.

Tree Services to Benefit You

You recently moved from the big city to a small town. Your former home was in the heart of the city. In the city, there were a lot of beautiful buildings surrounding you. There wasn’t much nature in the big city, but there were a lot of things to see. All around your building were restaurants and shops. City life was a lot of fun, but it started to feel too crowded for you. There were always people running from place to place, and some days it was just too much noise for you to handle. Living in a small town has been a huge adjustment. There aren’t as many people moving around on a daily basis. Life seems to move at a slower pace, and you actually find yourself enjoying it. Everyone seems to be more relaxed. Living outside of the city also means that there is a lot more nature. Your home is surrounded by beautiful trees. Never having had trees before, you aren’t sure how to take care of them. Here are some common tree services in Indianapolis that may benefit you.

One of the most common tree services is trimming and shaping. Trimming a tree can be a lot of work. Many people do not even have the right tools to do it on their own. A tree service company can come take care of your trees when they need to be trimmed down. A tree is a beautiful addition to a yard, but it must be taken care of. Without the proper maintenance, your tree can start to look unkempt, creating a negative image. Some trees growing out of control can be a potential hazard, intersecting with power lines. A trimmed tree is a safe and healthy tree.

Sometimes having too many trees can be a lot of work. Trees can provide shade and comfort to your family, but they do require maintenance. In the fall, trees drop a lot of leaves. This can make a big mess. Raking leaves is a very time-consuming chore, and many people dread doing it. If your home has a lot of trees, you may find yourself raking far more often than you want to. A tree service company can help you remove unwanted trees from your property. Tree removal is something that requires special tools, as well as skill. If you do not know how to remove a tree properly, it can be incredibly dangerous to both you and your property. A tree service company has men that are trained to remove trees in a safe and effective manner.

If you have trees that require a lot of work, but still want to keep them, you may want to consider looking forĀ tree services in Indianapolis. In addition to pruning and cutting down trees, a tree service company can provide basic maintenance. A tree service company can schedule times to come and take care of your tree-related problems. Whether it be leaf pickup or insect removal, a tree service company is trained to take care of your needs!